Texas DIY Instructions

Texas DIY Step 1 Instructions

You will need to digitally or physically sign these forms where needed:
  • Civil Case Information Sheet
  • Original Petition
  • Respondent’s Waiver of Service - This is only a waiver to in-person service. The filed forms will still need to be delivered to your spouse (more info below)

    Some counties require an additional standing order as well. Please email to confirm whether an additional form is required.

Click here to access the court's e-filing site. The filing fee in Texas is typically $350 or higher. If you feel you can’t afford to pay this fee, fill out and file this form.

You will be uploading your signed forms. Do not upload the Waiver of Service, as you will be sending this directly to your spouse when serving.
After you receive your filed Petition from the court, you will then send the forms to your spouse through one of the options below.

  • Waiver of Service (recommended): You may deliver the Waiver of Service and filed forms in person, by email, or by mail to your spouse (this was created with your Petition forms). Your spouse will then need to sign it in front of a notary at least one day after the Petition was filed. They can then return it to you so you can e-file it with the court, or they can e-file it themselves.

    • Request for Service: If your spouse will not sign a Waiver of Service, you will need to contact your court for a Request for Service form (the forms vary by county). The court will then send a county constable or sheriff to “personally serve” your spouse.

If you and your spouse are exchanging financial disclosures, the next will ask you to upload supporting documents (ex. bank statements, W2s, property info, ect.), as a DIY client you do not need to upload any documents, as you will be able to attach the documents to your forms prior to filing them on your own

Texas DIY Step 2 Instructions

If you are not exchanging financial disclosures, you will digitally or physically sign only the Rule 11 form.

If you are exchanging them, you will have several forms to sign.

Upload signed forms and any others to the court's e-filing site.
After uploading your form(s) to the court’s site, you will then deliver a signed copy to your spouse by mail, email, or in person.

Texas DIY Step 3 Instructions

You and your spouse will need to digitally or physically sign the Final Decree forms and (if applicable) the Parenting Plan/Possession Order.
Upload signed forms and any others to the court's e-filing site.
Call your court clerk to see if you need to schedule a prove-up hearing.

If a hearing is required, they are usually done over Zoom, but occasionally, in person. Both spouses should attend.

Take all of your Step 3 forms to the hearing.

This is a short hearing, usually only a few minutes long, to confirm the agreement terms. The judge will sign off on your Final Decree within the hearing.

If your Final Decree was signed off on in a hearing, the judge will give you instructions on how to file it (varies by county).

If you did not attend a hearing, the court may finalize your divorce through your e-filing or request you also mail the forms to the Domestic Relations Office to have your divorce finalized.

For purposes of Social Security, if a spouse changes their name as part of the divorce, they will have to request certified copies of the Final Decree, then file them with the Social Security Offices.

Please click here if you would like us to request these copies for you.