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About Hello Divorce

Welcome to Hello Divorce. We’re an online divorce platform made to help you get through your divorce on your terms — quickly and affordably, with less confusion and stress. And you don’t need a lawyer (but we have them on hand just in case.)

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Why Choose Hello Divorce

Feature Hello Divorce Online Document Preparing Sites Traditional Lawyer
Free 15-minute intro call
Customizable plans for any budget
Free library of divorce resources
Form-generating software specific to your state
Lawyers, mediators and finance experts available on demand
Full-service mediation to help you with your agreement
Convenient and online

How Hello Divorce Works

Wherever you are in your divorce proceedings, we can help with our services offered in New York, California, Colorado, Texas, and Utah.

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Step 1: Think about how much help you need with your divorce

Do you already know how you want to divide your property and parenting schedules or do you still need time? Are you both on the same page about getting a divorce or is one spouse leading the charge? Hello Divorce can help in all of these situations and more. Watch this video to see how it works.
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15 mins consultation call with Hello Divorce

Step 2 (Optional): Book a free 15-minute call with the Hello Divorce team

The Hello Divorce team is ready to help you figure out the best divorce option for you. Let us know your questions and concerns, and we'll help you choose the best option for your situation. Bonus: We're all really nice.
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Step 3: Find the right plan

We have plans for every price point, with as little or as much help as you need. Not sure what your divorce journey will bring? It's easy to add on mediation help, legal advice, or divorce finance planning at any time.

Step 4: Feel good about your next chapter

Divorce is filled with emotional ups and downs for everyone. With Hello Divorce, we take everything down a notch – from the fear to the anxiety to the price tag. We believe the way you get divorced can set you up for the next great part of your life... so let's make it calmer and in control.

Testimonials for Hello Divorce

"Hello Divorce allows clients to handle their divorce, no matter how simple or complicated with all the support needed but without the extraordinary price tag."
- Susan Guthrie, Esq. and online divorce innovation specialist
"Brilliant tool for people deciding to legally divorce but who don’t want to spend thousands on attorney fees."
- Dani, Hello Divorce customer
"I can’t even express how grateful I am to have found Hello Divorce."
- Eileen, Hello Divorce customer
"Hello Divorce is affordable, accessible and they provide amazing customer service. I would highly recommend it to anyone. Divorce is hard, and they made it a lot easier for me."
- Anne, Hello Divorce customer
"It’s high time someone made an easy-to-navigate service for the heartbroken/bored/emotionally swindled… which is where a new service called Hello Divorce comes in."
"I highly recommend Hello Divorce for anyone trying to figure out how to handle your own divorce. These guys are great people, providing an invaluable service, at extraordinary rates. This at least was one decision in my life I felt 100% confident about. Money well spent, help well received."
- Nico, Hello Divorce customer
"The team at Hello Divorce went beyond my expectations and helped me through it with grace and professionalism. "
- Sara, Hello Divorce customer
"The service is faster, more cost-effective, and predictable than retaining an attorney in “routine” divorces."
- Forbes Magazine

Meet the Leadership Team

Erin Levine

Erin Levine

Founder & CEO

After 16 years as a divorce attorney; Erin knows just how broken, toxic, wildly inefficient and unreasonably expensive the family law system is. Erin set out to revolutionize how consumers interact with the law and provide a kinder, easier and cheaper pathway to divorce. Erin’s access to justice work has been recognized by the legal industry and beyond, with awards and recognition from the likes of Women Founders Network, TechCrunch, Vice, Forbes and the American Bar Association.

Heather MacKenzie

Heather MacKenzie

President & Chief Content Officer

Heather is a startup native and digital transformation expert whose executive leadership in e-commerce, strategic content, product development, and brand building led her last startup BestReviews to grow 50x in four years, resulting in a majority acquisition by Tribune Publishing (NYSE: TPCO) in 2018 for $110 million, and full acquisition by Nexstar (NASDAQ: NXST) in 2020 for $160 million.

Mari Tanaka

Mari Tanaka

VP, Customer Service

After managing the recording studio and major transactions for multi-Grammy-winning band Green Day for 13 years, she earned her JD in Family Law and joined Erin at Hello Divorce, where she now makes sure every aspect of our customers' journey with Hello Divorce is transparent, less stressful, and successful.

Duncan Swezey

Duncan Swezey

VP, Growth

After meeting Erin at a female founders event, Duncan says he immediately recognized the potential of Hello Divorce and knew he could contribute. A serial entrepreneur and Techstars alum, Duncan joined the Hello Divorce team after his successful exit at Rally. Duncan brings his deep knowledge of growth and partnerships to build the products and services Hello Divorce’s clients are asking for.

Katie Sadler

Katie Sadler

VP, Operations

Katie has built her career across a broad range of roles in the e-commerce and media industry, with areas of expertise including operations, strategy, project management, and client management. Through her career, she's worked world-recognized brands including, Discovery, Princess Cruises, Disney, Amazon, Food Network and more.

Our Extended Team

Charlene Daniel

Account Manager


Linda Carrera

Sr. Account Coordinator

Pep Dekker

Head of Marketing

Hannah Drake

Sr. Customer Service Manager

Jenn Fei

Account Manager

Raquel Hill

Sr. Account Manager

Desiree Howard-Ruiz

Legal Coach


Rasha Kased

Account Coordinator

Molly Molinaro

Director of Finance

Melissa Nott

Sr. Editor

Katie Reseburg

Head of Content


Meike Rossman

Experience Designer

Hannah St. Clair

Sr. Account Coordinator

Omta Toma

Client Services Coordinator


David Umstot

Web Developer

Shelley VanRenselaar

Director of Account Management

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